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This Blog has two purposes:

* To provide information on human trafficking in Central America

* To take action — specifically targeting human trafficking in Honduras, Belize and Guatemala

Vivian Trill’s Belize Boycott has global interest and support.

The Organization of Responsible Tourism has a huge following in Honduras and now around the world.

Breaking News

Search these Google terms and see the following we have.

* Livingston Guatemala – No Human Trafficking!

* Vivian Trill Appeal to Belize Prime Minister Barrow

* Appeal #2: How to Stop Human Trafficking in Belize Released – Belize human trafficking, Vivian Trill, Organization Tourism

* Organization for Responsible Tourism has global interest.

* Head of Organization For Repsonsible Tourism Talks

* Trill’s Organization for Responsible Tourism Responds to Belize Tourism

* Tourism industry under attack, but BTB officials unfazed

* Cruise Line Passenger Speaks Out

* Trafficking In Persons Report 2010 Fails Belize Victims – Free-Press-Release.com

* TIP Report 2010

* Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 Fails Belize Victims

* Human Trafficking Boycott Belize

* Human Trafficking Report Belize

Human Trafficking Belize

You can help us build and grow an on-line community that demands an end to sexual enslavement of girls in the Human Trafficking of Central America. Five minutes of your time three times a week can make a change.

Use the power of the most democratic tool available today:  Web,  Email, Twit, blog and use your social networks to get the message out.  The message?  A growing on-line community demands a stop to sexual enslavement of girls in the human trafficking industries of Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

TakenWomen Network

Vivian Trill Web Site. www.huntinghumantraffickers.com

It is your information resource on Central American human trafficking of girls, including: sex slavery, sex tourism, child sex tourism and trafficking for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation.

FACT:  Girls and women are TAKEN and held in sexual slavery in the human trafficking and prostitution industries of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras

THERE ARE MANY MORE FACTS.  If you have come to this site, it is most likely because you want to know more about human trafficking in Central America.


In Central America, girls, some as young as 14, are lured or simply taken away from their villages by human traffickers. They disappear into the bar and prostitution industry in towns and cities in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and other countries.  They have no documents, no allies and no resources.  They are made to drink with men, forced into sexual slavery and then warehoused in small rooms – sometimes 10 girls in a 10’ x 10’ room.

Vivian Trill TELLS YOU:

* What you need to know about the system that entraps and holds girls and women in the Central American sexual slavery and human trafficking industries.  (Link to The Trafficking System How:  Why Girl Trafficking Happens and The Trafficking System:  How Girls Get Caught and Can’t Escape)


* Both basic and more complex information on human trafficking

* One-window links to a wide range of related sex trafficking information.

* Latest news/developments on human trafficking in Central America

Vivian Trill SHOWS YOU:

* How to link up with people/organizations/blogs etc. that are working to free girls and women in Central America from sexual slavery

Making accountable change through your work.


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