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James Fredrick Jensen Canadian Plans Human Trafficking Documentary

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James Fredrick Jensen | Canadian Millionaire Plans Human Trafficking Documentary

I am now living in Antigua Guatemala where I operate a small tourism business which has grown to the top rated vacation destination in Guatemala and where I still try to keep the “semi” hyphenated with “retired,” but with varying degrees of success.

Over the months James Fredrick Jensen has become interested in returning to his old roots of Honduras and a life he left behind two years ago. Hunting Human Traffickers. Now 60 the retired Canadian with a net worth of millions has decided to take a different form of approach to dealing with Human Trafficking.

Mr. Jensen has been in discussions with officials within the Guatemalan and Honduran Government for support about the planned documentary “Taken Women”  While support is in a non official form James Jensen feels that once shooting begins on the documentary support will broaden throughout Central America.

The problem according to James Jensen is that Human Trafficking is understood within Guatemala and Honduras and that both Governments agree that both countries are a supply source not the source of Trafficked victims.

Belize is often the final landing place for your women Trafficked from Guatemala and Honduras.
Jensen hopes the documentary will allow the viewing audience the opportunity to participate in making changes and forcing Governments like Belize to enforce there existing Human Trafficking Laws while developing future resources to protect victims of Human Trafficking.

Shooting for this documentary is planned after Holy Week.


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