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Chuck Bailey of Bailey and Wyant PLLC | Talking

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Chuck Bailey of Bailey and Wyant PLLC to talk with James Frederick Jensen.  The topic? Robert P. Martin, also of Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

Chuck Bailey has offered to start talking with us, though about what specifics we do not know since his email message to James, verified-sent from a Bailey and Wyant account, was cryptic. James is looking forward to that chat, but it has to be here in an open blog. 

Meanwhile, here are some questions for Chuck Bailey.

How long are you willing to protect Robert P Martin?  Until he tarnishes the Bailey and Wyant brand beyond your PR firm’s ability to restore it? 

What happens to control of the Robert P Martin story when it jumps from the cyber world to the old fashioned US news reporting cycle? 

When will there be follow up questions from a variety of international and then US news media wanting to understand the cyber phenomenon, interdependent of Robert P Martin’s wrongdoings?  For example, will part of the story be: big law firm flails against a one-man online opponent? 

Who will the public root for?  What court is that?


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