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Chuck Bailey contacted James Frederick Jensen

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Chuck Bailey contacted James Frederick Jensen recently suggesting that they talk. We have been able to verify that the email came from a Bailey and Wyant account.  We have advised Chuck in previous blogs that we do not operate under a veil and that if he wants dialogue with us it will have to be open, here in blog format. 

While we wait for further communication from him, we are compiling a list of questions for Chuck Bailey.  Here are some of them.

You hired a tech firm to challenge us on online.  Why did you think this firm would be able to erase the millions of posts and the mountain of cyber content we own about Robert P Martin’s actions against James?

Do you think that we have exhausted ourcontent, with supporting documents, many on Bailey and Wyant letterhead from Robert P Martin?  We are still holding back a stack of documents that tell a very unflattering story about the man your firm continues to protect. 

What was your reaction when Bailey and Wyant’s 400 petitions to take down our blog articles failed? 

Were you surprised when at the very instant Bailey and Wyant PLLC’s futile efforts to have DMCA take down our blog posts that Jim’s sites were hacked to closure?  Do you think that was a coincidence?  Does anyone think that’s a coincidence? 

What will you do when the international news media call your offices again?  What will you do when one international news outlet leverages its stories into the US news cycle? 

Does your PR firm have an issues management strategy ready in case other journalists start to ask why you are protecting Robert P Martin in the face of so much evidence?


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