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This is blog #4 to Chuck Bailey, a senor partner at Bailey and Wyant PLLC. It’s send by Diana Bond on behalf of my client James Frederick Jensen. 

Chuck Bailey has said to James, via email, that he wants to talk. Presumably it’s about our online efforts to reveal wrongdoings against James on the part of Robert P. Martin, also of Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

We welcome an open discussion with Chuck Bailey and wait for him to tell us what he wants to talk about, using a transparent blog format.  We think Chuck and James should talk, but openly and not in secret.

It’s secrets that keep Robert P Martin safely sheltered by his partners at Bailey and Wyant PLLC and it’s secrets that have kept James from the money and freedom Robert P Martin took from him.

Here are some more questions for Chuck Bailey.

You hired a tech company to dog our cyber story about Robert P Martin. Have its efforts so far gotten you in hot water with the National Kidney Foundation? 

Why are you giving your money to a SEO company that doesn’t understand how to leverage cyber content properly?  Will you ask for a refund?

When did you realize that you could not continue online passivity in the face of so much clear evidence against Robert P Martin?  For example, how do you explain or ignore an attorney on your team roster who says he’s filed documents (James Jensen vs Bupa Insurance), when, in fact, he hasn’t and instead left his former client to twist in the wind?

How many other clients has Robert P Martin harmed under the Bailey and Wyant PLLC brand? 


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