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Bailey and Wyant PLLC | Chuck Bailey attempted to contact James Jensen

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Diana Bond writing once more on behalf of my client James Frederick Jensen, this time addressing my blog #2 to Chuck Bailey, of Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

Recently, Chuck Bailey attempted to contact James Jensen directly, saying, “We need to talk”. We have verified that the emailed offer to communicate came from a Bailey and Wyant account.

We remind Chuck Bailey and others following these blogs that nothing is off the record regarding our issues with another Bailey and Wyant partner, Robert P. Martin. 

To get the talking going, we have lots of questions for Chuck Bailey.  Here are some of them.

If you do want to communicate with us, why the backdoor approach? Why not send a letter on Bailey and Wyant PLLC letterhead and offer your discussion points that way? Why do you regard openness as disadvantageous?

What makes you think that it is in my client’s interest to keep Bailey and Wyant PLLC’s dirty little secrets under a rock?  For example, why does your firm continue to protect Robert P Martin?

It is the actions of your firm’s Robert P. Martin that have cheated James of money, restricted his freedom and endangered his life.  Does your offer to talk have to do with helping James regain the money, property and freedom Robert P Martin took from him? 

Chuck Bailey:  Please tell us what you want to talk about.


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