James Fredrick Jensen Canadian Plans Human Trafficking Documentary

James Fredrick Jensen | Canadian Millionaire Plans Human Trafficking Documentary

I am now living in Antigua Guatemala where I operate a small tourism business which has grown to the top rated vacation destination in Guatemala and where I still try to keep the “semi” hyphenated with “retired,” but with varying degrees of success.

Over the months James Fredrick Jensen has become interested in returning to his old roots of Honduras and a life he left behind two years ago. Hunting Human Traffickers. Now 60 the retired Canadian with a net worth of millions has decided to take a different form of approach to dealing with Human Trafficking.

Mr. Jensen has been in discussions with officials within the Guatemalan and Honduran Government for support about the planned documentary “Taken Women”  While support is in a non official form James Jensen feels that once shooting begins on the documentary support will broaden throughout Central America.

The problem according to James Jensen is that Human Trafficking is understood within Guatemala and Honduras and that both Governments agree that both countries are a supply source not the source of Trafficked victims.

Belize is often the final landing place for your women Trafficked from Guatemala and Honduras.
Jensen hopes the documentary will allow the viewing audience the opportunity to participate in making changes and forcing Governments like Belize to enforce there existing Human Trafficking Laws while developing future resources to protect victims of Human Trafficking.

Shooting for this documentary is planned after Holy Week.


Chuck Bailey of Bailey and Wyant PLLC | Talking

Chuck Bailey of Bailey and Wyant PLLC to talk with James Frederick Jensen.  The topic? Robert P. Martin, also of Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

Chuck Bailey has offered to start talking with us, though about what specifics we do not know since his email message to James, verified-sent from a Bailey and Wyant account, was cryptic. James is looking forward to that chat, but it has to be here in an open blog. 

Meanwhile, here are some questions for Chuck Bailey.

How long are you willing to protect Robert P Martin?  Until he tarnishes the Bailey and Wyant brand beyond your PR firm’s ability to restore it? 

What happens to control of the Robert P Martin story when it jumps from the cyber world to the old fashioned US news reporting cycle? 

When will there be follow up questions from a variety of international and then US news media wanting to understand the cyber phenomenon, interdependent of Robert P Martin’s wrongdoings?  For example, will part of the story be: big law firm flails against a one-man online opponent? 

Who will the public root for?  What court is that?

Bailey and Wyant PLLC | James Jensen | Chuck Bailey

This is blog #4 to Chuck Bailey, a senor partner at Bailey and Wyant PLLC. It’s send by Diana Bond on behalf of my client James Frederick Jensen. 

Chuck Bailey has said to James, via email, that he wants to talk. Presumably it’s about our online efforts to reveal wrongdoings against James on the part of Robert P. Martin, also of Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

We welcome an open discussion with Chuck Bailey and wait for him to tell us what he wants to talk about, using a transparent blog format.  We think Chuck and James should talk, but openly and not in secret.

It’s secrets that keep Robert P Martin safely sheltered by his partners at Bailey and Wyant PLLC and it’s secrets that have kept James from the money and freedom Robert P Martin took from him.

Here are some more questions for Chuck Bailey.

You hired a tech company to dog our cyber story about Robert P Martin. Have its efforts so far gotten you in hot water with the National Kidney Foundation? 

Why are you giving your money to a SEO company that doesn’t understand how to leverage cyber content properly?  Will you ask for a refund?

When did you realize that you could not continue online passivity in the face of so much clear evidence against Robert P Martin?  For example, how do you explain or ignore an attorney on your team roster who says he’s filed documents (James Jensen vs Bupa Insurance), when, in fact, he hasn’t and instead left his former client to twist in the wind?

How many other clients has Robert P Martin harmed under the Bailey and Wyant PLLC brand? 

Chuck Bailey contacted James Frederick Jensen

Chuck Bailey contacted James Frederick Jensen recently suggesting that they talk. We have been able to verify that the email came from a Bailey and Wyant account.  We have advised Chuck in previous blogs that we do not operate under a veil and that if he wants dialogue with us it will have to be open, here in blog format. 

While we wait for further communication from him, we are compiling a list of questions for Chuck Bailey.  Here are some of them.

You hired a tech firm to challenge us on online.  Why did you think this firm would be able to erase the millions of posts and the mountain of cyber content we own about Robert P Martin’s actions against James?

Do you think that we have exhausted ourcontent, with supporting documents, many on Bailey and Wyant letterhead from Robert P Martin?  We are still holding back a stack of documents that tell a very unflattering story about the man your firm continues to protect. 

What was your reaction when Bailey and Wyant’s 400 petitions to take down our blog articles failed? 

Were you surprised when at the very instant Bailey and Wyant PLLC’s futile efforts to have DMCA take down our blog posts that Jim’s sites were hacked to closure?  Do you think that was a coincidence?  Does anyone think that’s a coincidence? 

What will you do when the international news media call your offices again?  What will you do when one international news outlet leverages its stories into the US news cycle? 

Does your PR firm have an issues management strategy ready in case other journalists start to ask why you are protecting Robert P Martin in the face of so much evidence?

Bailey and Wyant PLLC | Chuck Bailey attempted to contact James Jensen

Diana Bond writing once more on behalf of my client James Frederick Jensen, this time addressing my blog #2 to Chuck Bailey, of Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

Recently, Chuck Bailey attempted to contact James Jensen directly, saying, “We need to talk”. We have verified that the emailed offer to communicate came from a Bailey and Wyant account.

We remind Chuck Bailey and others following these blogs that nothing is off the record regarding our issues with another Bailey and Wyant partner, Robert P. Martin. 

To get the talking going, we have lots of questions for Chuck Bailey.  Here are some of them.

If you do want to communicate with us, why the backdoor approach? Why not send a letter on Bailey and Wyant PLLC letterhead and offer your discussion points that way? Why do you regard openness as disadvantageous?

What makes you think that it is in my client’s interest to keep Bailey and Wyant PLLC’s dirty little secrets under a rock?  For example, why does your firm continue to protect Robert P Martin?

It is the actions of your firm’s Robert P. Martin that have cheated James of money, restricted his freedom and endangered his life.  Does your offer to talk have to do with helping James regain the money, property and freedom Robert P Martin took from him? 

Chuck Bailey:  Please tell us what you want to talk about.

Chuck Bailey, a senior partner at Bailey and Wyant PLLC

Diana Bond writing again on behalf of my client James Frederick Jensen, this time addressing my blog #1 to Chuck Bailey, a senior partner at Bailey and Wyant PLLC.

First our readers need to know that Chuck Wyant has attempted to contact James directly, saying, “We need to talk.” We have verified that the e-overture came from a Bailey and Wyant account. 

Second, if it is not already clear, we want to underscore that nothing is off the record with respect to our case against another Bailey and Wyant partner, namely, Robert P. Martin. 

James Jensen is prepared to talk with Chuck, but openly and through a blog medium.  So to start a transparent dialogue we are asking a few questions.

Chuck Bailey:  What do you want to talk about?

Why have you contacted James at this juncture when he has in the past asked you on numerous occasions to address the harmful actions of Robert P Martin?

Is it because Robert P Martin has become more of a liability than an assert to your firm?

Why have you contacted James now after your firm has enlisted the aid of a very aggressive SEO company to combat our online program, one that seeks to reveal the truth about Robert P. Martin?
Your recent online counteractions include 400 attempts to take down our blog posts, having succeeded in only two instances.  At the same time James’ personal sites were hacked to closure.  Is this really a co-incidence?

And, then why, so shortly after assuming the most aggressive to-date cyber battle position, has Chuck Bailey made this secret  overture to James?

Bailey & Wyant, PLLC | Charles R. “Chuck” Bailey

The Parties involved:

James Fredrick Jensen my past wife Janis Gale Jensen

Bailey & Wyant, PLLC

Robert P. Martin
Penny Payne Floravante ( Robert Martin’s Past Girlfriend
A non profit corporation Belize Economic Education Ecological Development Fund (BEED)
A Delaware Corp. 081704589-465215
Tamara Sniffin ( Publisher of the San Pedro Sun Newspaper Belize)
Vince and Cherie Chenot Rose ( American Crocodile Education Sanctuary Belize)
Godfrey Smith (Past Attorney General of Belize)
The law firm of Bailey and Wyant Pllc
Donna Strand ( Robert Martin’s assistant)
Bupa Health Insurance of Miami
Belize Health Partners.
Fred Lumor & Co my Legal Representative in Belize
Hundreds of e-mails, letters and other forms of communications between all the parties have been collected by various means over the last four years.

My wife Janis and I owned a Liquor Business on the Island of San Pedro. Janis and I met Penny and Robert at the time they owned the Pink Motel on the Island of San Pedro. We became social friends.

My wife Janis Died from a Brain Aneurysm after attempts by Belize Health Partners a hospital in Belize City in June of 2008. Robert and Penny flew to Belize for Jan’s final service read by Tamara Sniffen.

Bupa Health Care of Miami refused any coverage and I was left with a 256,000 BZ bill.

In September of 2008 Belize Health Partners took legal actions in Belize to collect the bill. The Attorney that represented Belize Health Partners was Godfrey Smith.

Robert Martin flew to Belize and became active in the US to attempt to force Bupa to honor the contractual agreement Janis and I entered into.

Robert Martin by the form of a Letters on your firms Letter head confirmed that he Robert  Martin had retained the services of an attorney in Miami Bill Thompson.

As the case moved forward in Belize my Attorney Fred Lumor became desperate for proof that a case was pending in Florida. This was critical to have the Belize Supreme court hold my case till such a time that the Florida case would be filed.

On February 14, 2009 Robert P. Martin again on your firms Letters head addressed my Attorney’s concerns about the progress of Attorney Bill Thompson and his actions on my behalf. The letter was three pages in Length and with great detail.

This letter from your Firm and Robert P. Martin was then delivered to the Belize Supreme Court as evidence that Bill Thompson and the firm of Bailey and Wyant had actions pending against Bupa Health Care in Miami.

We now understand that Bill Thompson while he exists and in his own statement had no involvement through Robert P. Martin and or the Firm of Bailey and Wyant to represent my claimed case against Bupa in Miami. That no actions was ever taken on my behalf by Thompson, Martin and your firm as detailed in a number of communications.
Robert Lied.

After my wife’s death Tamara Sniffin introduced me to Vince and Cherie Chenot Rose who owner American Crocodile Education Sanction. Robert always the business idea person became engaged.

I invested 50,000 BZ to open a Liquor Business with Vince and Cherie Rose which opened in the fall of 2008. Adiferous wines and Liquors.

At the same time Robert and Penny formed the Belize Economic Education Ecological Development Fund which the Roses, Penny, Robert and me were to be partners. BEED was formed as a Delaware Corp which I described above.

Robert was anxious to develop BEED. The reason the Roses had used a group named Friends of Belize. This Group raised over 23 million dollar and now owned 20,000 acres of prime land along the coast of Punta Gorda Belize. Bob envisioned the same with his claimed connections in West Virginia.

Robert Martin to test this idea donated $20,000 us through friends of Belize with The Roses receiving the funds.

Friends of Belize are under Federal Tax investigation for violation of the 501 (C) they operated.

During that period of time I was developing a co-operative for processing Coffee and Chocolate in Punta Gorda again Robert invested $50,000 US. That is what was detailed in the wire transfer submitted to the US Federal Reserve.

We move forward to the end of 2009.

Robert and Penny now became involved in a deal outside of my interested to purchase more land in Belize. Penny had placed $25,000 as a deposit. An investor was to put up the balance that investor fell through. Penny and Robert wanted me to make up the short fall. I did not. The reason, at this time I knew Robert had lied about all facts in my Bupa case.

In March of 2010 I was arrested and detained in Hattieville Central Prison by a claim by Robert P. Martin that I had stolen the $50,000 which was to be used in a land deal with the Roses. This is the same wire transfer registered with the Federal Reserve that stage with them was to be to lease land for a coffee plantation not for the purchase of land. The attorney that represented Robert P. Martin was Godfrey Smith the same attorney Robert with the aid of my Belize Attorney was to defend me from in the case with Belize Health Partners and Bupa Health Care.

The day I was arrested in Belize Tamara Sniffen turned the media against me with the Aid of Robert P. Martin and the Roses.

I appeared in Belize Supreme Court 16 days after I was detained and and was granted Bail due to the opinion of the Supreme Court Justice that no evidence existed to support the charges.

During the time of my Bail hearing and walking from court I was served with a Civil Action by Vince and Cherie Rose claiming the time I was in Punta Gorda establishing the Liquor Business I was actually staying at the Crocodile Sanctuary as a paying Guest. Claiming I did no pay the bill for those guest services. The Belize Attorney representing the Roses Godfrey Smith.

The Roses sold off the Inventory of the Liquor Business in Punta Gorda and kept the money.

After my bail I retained an Attorney in Miami for a shared fee would continue to take Action against Bupa. Robert P. Martin contacted said firm and though various claims and my arrest in Belize the case was dropped.

As my now criminal case was held over Robert P. Martin appeared at one of the hearings. He was arrested and held until such a time Godfrey Smith had Robert released. 

I left Belize due to the corruption and the fact that I would never have a trial that would not have a pre determined result. This I was told by the Judge and Chief Arnold whom I paid for records and correspondence they had access to and not myself.

I left Belize for my home in Honduras.

Days after I left a wanted poster was distributed on-line and other means produced by Tamara Sniffin at the San Pedro Sun. E-mail and Facebook sites were set up by Vince and Cherie Rose, Tamara Sniffin and Robert Martin. I was e-mailed this poster by Godfrey Smith copied to the above parties.

The poster claimed I murdered my wife, had been involved in Prostitution and numerous other claims. A $10,000 US bounty in Central America is like waiving a million dollars around. I was now hunted.

Shortly after this poster was on-line an event occurred where in the San Pedro Sun posted on there web site the name of whom they thought was a person who new my location.  An individual from Belize contacted the person claiming to know my location. That person seeking me entered Guatemala was detained and gave information as to why he the person was in Guatemala. He was sent by Godfrey Smith to take me by any means. But not back to Belize. I was in Honduras.

I have since returned to Canada. In Canada I found help from a Journalist from Macleans Magazine and other media sources she has relationships. With her help these facts have been documented as what is known Proof of Story. I am no longer alone and on the run from Robert and the Roses. If anything happened to me many know the true story.

This summer I decided to use the internet to tell my story. Publishing documents and letters from your Firm the Roses and others supporting my claims of the events I have described. Cherie Rose started a blog about me a few pages, a Facebook site claiming I was in Guatemala. Those events then forced me to place more the documents on-line. 300 are left to post at this time.

This week a person within your firm or an SEO or Hacking service started attaching my sites telling my story. Over the last few months your Firm has started creating blog and sites to keep my articles from appearing on the first pages of Google.

I assume two facts, you either know nothing about this, or you do. I hope you make the right choice with your decisions from this point forward as many eyes are on your Firm waiting to see your actions about Robert P. Martin.

James Jensen

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